Aggeliki - The textile artist and weaver behind Alfa Handmade.

Minimalist art can be described as a 'personal expression of a gifted individual'. That is what the Tate Modern says anyway and I couldn't agree more. This personal expression offers the world great aesthetic delights. Minimalism for me is huge, it always ignites something within me. I love it, my home is filled with it and I want to share the work of this talented textile artist Aggeliki here on the blog. 

Aggeliki, an Athens based textile artist is one of those individuals. She produces beautiful minimalist pieces of textile art for the home along with textile jewellery through weaving. She works on freeform. She says the warped loom is an empty canvas for her where she is guided by the grains and the textures of the yarns and materials she uses. Some of her current work includes our nettle yarn and linens and the results are easy on the eye contemporary pieces for the home. 

If Nordic inspired, neutral and minimal textile arts inspire you then please check out her work at

Weave, loom



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