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Free crochet bag pattern in sari silk ribbon

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Easy to make crochet sari silk ribbon bag pattern. You only 100 - 150g of sari silk ribbon yarn. Any colour of your choice!


1. Ball your skein! 

2. Cut 1 yard lengths approx and tie the together end to end leaving about 2 inch ties. This will form the basis of the ends throughout the bag. If you want the tassel, strands longer then leave more than 2 inches for longer length texture. 


3. Size of Hook used - 8MM (UK)

4. You will need a big needle. 


Ch 15 ( approx 15 inches) Keep it loose.

Row 1. SC (single crochet) 2nd chain from hook to the end of the row (14 st).

Chain 1, Turn.

Row 2. Sc the end of the row (14st) 

Chain 1, turn.

Row 3 - 13 Sc each row. (14 st per row)

You will have formed a rectangle with great texture!

Fold the rectangle over and sew up two side seams leaving the top open for the top of the bag. 

To make the strap take a yard length of sari silk ribbon and tie at each end of the opening. Take another five inch strand and tie to make a loop at the top of one side of the bag and sew a button to the other as the fastening.

You don't need to tie in any ends, leave them, tie the trap to ends on each side and this give the bag a whole lot of personality!

Free crochet pattern, sari silk ribbon bag



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