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Indian handwoven nettle fabric. Sustainable textiles.

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Handwoven nettle fabric produced in rural India from Himalayan nettles. Handspun nettle yarn is woven into a very strong thick fabric. Almost like a hessian bag. Its strength increases when wet. This nettle fabric has not been mixed with cotton, or any other fibre so is therefore very tough and durable.

The stem of the stinging nettle ( Urtica dioica) is cut and the bark removed allowing the fibre to be extracted with all the thorn-like stinging hairs removed. These fibres are then carded and spun producing a very strong yarn. It is then woven. No pesticides, no chemicals, machinery or pollution just raw nettle plant. The whole process done by hand by women's co-ops and small businesses in India. 

Each piece of fabric is 1 metre square approx.

Weight approx 430g