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Carded organic nassi silk fibres, natural golden brown, super soft. Natural product. SOLD OUT

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Please note: we purchase these fibres directly from women's co-ops in India where they make them by hand in the rural areas where the silk is produced. These are not purchased from China.
This listing is for 100 grams of fibers approx

This is a purely hand made silk fiber.

Nassi silk is produced from the stem of the tussar caterpillar cocoons. This is an organic peace silk fibre.
They are suitable for felting, roving, spinning and paper making. Perhaps mixing with other fibres will produce an interesting yarn!

Naturally coloured tussar Silk. These fibers are produced naturally in this color only, but can be dyed in any color. Grown and processed by hand in India, the colors of the silk are from the tannin of the plants that the caterpillar eats. A unique ethical fiber. The cocoons are grown in the wild unlike mulberry silk which is cultivated.