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Wild Tussah silk, produced from cocoon stems. Undyed.

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This short stem organic silk yarn is also known as peduncle silk as it is produced from the peduncles spun by the wild tussah moth. The stem that attaches to the cocoon. The stem is dark and charcoal in colour hence the natural shade of this silk yarn. It is very similar in texture to our tussar silk yarn. Feels a little like a soft felted wool. very hard to explain as it is so unique!

There is a lot of natural sericin in these ahimsa silk yarns, which gives it that stiffness. 

The moth leaves the cocoon naturally so this why it is known as peace silk. There is no detrimental effects to the silk worm in the production of this silk. 

1 x 100g skein. Aran weight approx

100 yards per skein