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Natural organic CUTCH plant dye. Acacia catechu. Sustainable dye.

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This is a beautiful brown dye that comes from the Acacia catechu tree and is very easy to use. Indian Cutch is by far the best.

The trees are grown in plantations and are cut when they are thirty years old. The bark is removed and then the heartwood is made into wood chips. The dye is extracted by boiling the wood chips in water until the liquid becomes very thick. It is then poured onto mats where the cutch extract hardens as it cools down and can be broken into chunks. The extract is usually sold as a powder but it can also be sold as chips or resin. India is the main producer.

If you over dye it with indigo it will give you a lovely grey green colour. It is used mainly on cotton as it is very high in tannin and can be used as a mordant instead of tannic acid, but it can also be used on silk and wool.

Please note, I am not a dyer so you will have to use your knowledge and research for dying with this product. You will find a lot of resources on the web!


I find this website https://naturaldyes.ca amazing for information and instructions and all the necessary reducing agents, bases and additives. 

Please keep out of reach of children, do not inhale. Dye in a well vented room! Always wear gloves and a mask.

Dye fabrics, yarns, make soaps and candles. Dye the natural way! Natural dyes are not suitable for synthetic fibres.

Enjoy experimenting with this beautiful dye. The colours you get from it are gorgeous and remember it can get a bit messy!

50g resealable bag.

 If you are interested in bigger bags of this natural powder dye let me know.