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Chiffon ribbon yarn
Sari silk chiffon ribbon

Chiffon silk ribbon, craft ribbon, recycled yarn, soft chiffon yarn. SOLD OUT

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Beautiful rich quality soft sari silk chiffon ribbon in white. It is beautiful. Approx an inch wide ribbon yarn, great for playing with, knitting, crochet, weaving and fibre arts such as wall hangings, rug hooking and more! 

Silk sari ribbon is a by product from silk sari manufacturing in India. These beautiful art yarns are hand cut strips of silk sari fabric and tied or sewn together end to end and made into skeins by women's collectives in India from silk that would otherwise be destroyed. 

Pure white and hand sewn sari silk chiffon ribbon yarn.

Each 100g skein is approx 55 yards.

Handwash with light detergent. Lie flat to dry.