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Pack of 20 yarns (2KG) in this massive box! Mixed fibres, textures and colour. Over £210 of yarn which has been discounted by over 25%!

Included in this box of yarn:

1 x 100g Indian newspaper yarn

1 x 100g recycled velvet yarn hand twisted

1 x 100g pure silk noil yarn mixed colours chunky

1 x 100g pure silk roving yarn

1 x 100g red sari silk yarn

1 x 100g organic tussar silk yarn

1 x 100g pink sari silk ribbon

1 x 100g Indian sheep wool chunky teal

1 x 100g distaff spun linen yarn unprocessed

1 x 100g khadi handloom robbon yarn

1 x 100g green banana yarn

1 x 100g chunky silk noil

1 x 100g coral banana yarn

1 x 100g handloom cotton ribbon cake in white

1 x 100g mustard sari silk yarn

1 x 100g enchanted green sari silk yarn

1 x 100g pure silk pure white sari silk ribbon

1 x 100g brown sari silk yarn

1 x pure silk fabric roll

1 x handwoven ribbon runner yarn


Experiment with colour and texture with this rainbow pack of yarns. All handmade from waste fibres in India. Spun in rural villages.

Suitable as a knitting, weaving, textile arts, fibre arts, crochet, journal making, scrapbooks and journal making, floral design, eco gift wrap ideas, clothing and accessories and tapestry wall art. The list goes on!

By purchasing these yarns you are supporting fair trade, happy working conditions and the continuation of ancient crafts in rural villages giving underprivileged families work within their own homes. 

See 'Our Yarn Journey' for more info on the craftspeople and women's co-ops who produce these yarns.  

Handwash with light detergent. Lie flat to dry.

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