multicoloured yarn pack

Discounted yarn pack. Multicoloured yarn frenzy. Ethical yarns.

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Bumper discounted yarn pack of 4 x 100 grams of magical ethical yarns handmade in India by women's co-ops from waste fibres and silks. Check these little beauties out!

Included in this yarn pack are the following ethical, recycled and handmade yarns.

1 x 100g multicoloured banana yarn. Chunky yarn. 

1 x 100g multicoloured sari silk yarn. A handspun super soft silk yarn made from waste fibres left over from sari manufacturing in India.

1 x 100g mixed coloured sari silk ribbon yarn, you will find some patterned strips in there too. 

1 x 100g unique eyelash edged multicoloured sari silk ribbon yarn.

A perfectly mixed choice of yarns for fiber art, knitting, crochet, weaving and more. Bought in this 4 pack to experiment with at a discounted price.

By purchasing these yarns you are supporting fair trade, happy working conditions and the continuation of ancient crafts in rural villages. 

Handwash with light detergent. Lie flat to dry.