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Wide embellished ribbon with personality. Big personality!

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Wide, embellished, embroidered pure silk ribbon have just arrived. There is no words. They are unbelievable. Embroidered jewels. 

Our sari silk ribbon yarns are produced by a group of women I work with in Northern India. I have even help make the ribbon yarns in their village. The waste silk fabric is torn by hand and then sewn end to end using a winder sewing machine. Each skein is unique with different colours in each.

By purchasing these yarns you are supporting fair trade, happy working conditions and the continuation of ancient crafts in rural villages. 

Magical art yarns, magical people. See 'Our Yarn Journey' for more info on the craftspeople and women's co-ops who produce these yarns and how they are produced.  

Each 100g skein is approx 40 yards.

Handwash with light detergent. Lie flat to dry.