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Handmade SOYA BEAN yarn.

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90% soya bean, 10% recycled cotton yarn. Cotton gives the soybean the toughness and durability giving it a strong yet soft texture.

Soyabean yarn has antibacterial properties, as well as amino acids that boost skin health.

The first use of soy in textiles was in the 1930s, when Henry Ford produced car-seat upholstery with a blend of soybean and sheep’s wool. Soybean yarn is a byproduct of the tofu and soy-food industry. The useable soybean leftovers are called okara, which is in liquid form. Through a process called wet-spinning, soy proteins are extracted from the okara and dried. The dried proteins are then spun into yarn, either the dried soy protein by itself or with other fibers such as wool or cotton. The operation is eco-friendly and leaves little to no waste.

Each skein is approx 70 yards. Approx 50 yards.