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Himalayan Rhubarb plant dye. Natural dye powder. Sustainable dye.

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Himalayan Rhubarb is an amazing looking plant that grows at a very high altitude in the Himalayas between India and Bhutan. It contains oxalic Acid. 

100g of Himalayan Rhubarb will dye 5Kg + of fibre. 

Easily dissolvable. Deep golden colour. The colour depends on the mordants and additives used, and also the weave of the fabrics.

Botanical Name – Rheum Emodi

Please keep out of reach of children, read and follow your instructions carefully, do not inhale. Dye in a well vented room! Always wear gloves and a mask.

Dye fabrics, make soaps and candles. Dye the natural way! Natural dyes are not suitable for synthetic fibres.

Enjoy experimenting with this dye. 

For info and instructions on how to dye naturally this is a very good website explaining everything you need to know. I am not a dyer so please make sure you have all the necessary instructions. https://naturaldyes.ca/instructions 

50g resealable bag.

 If you are interested in bigger bags of this natural powder dye let me know.