Indigo dyed cotton yarn
Indigo dyed cotton yarn
Indigo dyed cotton yarn
Indigo dyed handspun cotton yarn. Super soft sports weight. 1 left!
Yarn out to dry. Cotton yarn
Indigo dye cake

Indigo dyed handspun cotton yarn. Super soft sports weight. 1 left!

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Indigo dyed handspun khaki cotton yarn is here at last! We have been waiting for this remarkable yarn for a while now. The production of this yarn takes so long. 

Our indigo dyed cotton yarn has been dyed using natural indigo dyes, not chemical based which 90% of indigo dyes are! 

Natural Indigo comes from Southern part of India. The state named "Tamil Nadu" has a vast production of Indigo Tree Leaves, which get dried under the sun and then put in cold water for a long time and then gradually extraction of some colours from the leaves happen in the water. After couple of days, the water has a Indigo layer on the top surface. The layer then become hard like capsules/cakes ( Picture attached).
Nowadays, 90% of people use Powder Indigo, which is a chemical /Synthetic Indigo. the chemical formula for natural and synthetic indigo are the same, but 
natural indigo has a high proportion of impurities such as indirubins, that give beautiful colour variations. 
The blue you get depends on where the indigo was grown and the weather at the time. 
Synthetic indigo on the other hand, produces an even blue that never varies.
Natural indigo is a sustainable dye; after the pigment has been extracted the plant residue can be composted and used as a fertilizer and the water reused to irrigate crops. Natural indigo can often be traced to its country of origin, and even to the farm where it was produced. In buying it, you will be helping to give sustainable employment to rural populations in developing countries. Synthetic indigo on the other hand is extracted from petrochemicals and its manufacture produces hazardous waste. By using natural indigo, you will be helping the environment and reducing the use of petrochemicals.
This Khadi cotton yarn is handspun where they farm the cotton. The farmer uses no pesticides in the production of this cotton giving it the organic element. Such a remarkable cotton yarn! 
Each 100g skein is approx 180 - 200 yards. Sports weight.