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Natural Indigo dyed chunky linen yarn. Handspun natural flax yarn.

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Our handmade linen yarn has been dyed with natural PLANT Indigo dyes. No chemicals were used in the production of this linen yarn or the dye.

Natural Indigo is extracted from the Indigofera Tinctoria plant similar to basil. This plant is cultivated only for its Indigo. This is the most successful dye plant ever known. 

Production of Indigo occurs three times a year, except this year with the pandemic. 

The locals gather around the old stone tanks and make a simple pooja (prayer) divine blessings. The villagers call Indigo plant the Blue Mother, a sacred name. It is almost like a festival at the start of cultivation. 

The best thing about this process is that there is ZERO WASTE as the leaves from the first tank are taken back to the fields for composting and and the water leftover in the second tank is used for irrigation. 

Indigo has also helped the surrounding community. It is the main cash crop and has helped farmers have a decent living and it provides work for the villagers.

Indigo dye runs, it will run for a few washes so please do not wash with any other colours. It eventually settles.

100g skein.