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Natural organic INDIGO dye, indigofera tinctoria. Natural dye powder. Sustainable dye. SOLD OUT

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Natural indigo dye comes from the indigofera tinctoria plant.  

30g of indigo will dye approx 900g of fabric. We sell this in 50g bags. It goes a long way! It produces a very colourfast blue. You can tweak the dye used to give variations of blue from very light to almost black.

Please refer to indigo dying instructions before use.

I find this website https://naturaldyes.ca amazing for information and instructions and all the necessary reducing agents, bases and additives. 


Please keep out of reach of children, do not inhale. Dye in a well vented room! Always wear gloves and a mask.

Dye fabrics, yarns, make soaps and candles. Dye the natural way! Natural dyes are not suitable for synthetic fibres.

Enjoy experimenting with this beautiful dye. The colours you get from it are gorgeous and remember it can get a bit messy!

50g resealable bag.

 If you are interested in bigger bags of this natural powder dye let me know.