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Okra fibres, braided dried Okra plant. Sustainable crafting

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A unique textile fibre source for primitive crafts and fibre arts.

Not only do these natural plant fibres offer us a chemical free textile to work with it also gives areas of India, particularly Assam, employment in the areas where Okra is cultivated.  The making of braids and ropes within these communities have given sustainable employment to many. 

Suitable for: Weaving, basket making, planters, coasters, place mats, wreaths, paper making, rugs, mats, textile jewellery, floral arranging, furniture, vessels, fruit trays, trays, home decor and fibre arts and crafts. 

The braids are approx 3 to 4 mm wide. Okra braids are speckled mixed brown. 

Please note these have been braided and measured by hand in India. The lengths of each variant may vary. 

5 metres - approximately 80g

20 metres - approximately 300g.