nettle yarn
Nettle yarn

Organic nettle yarn, vegan friendly yarn. Handspun natural yarn. Ethical yarn.

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Organic nettle yarn is an organic vegan friendly yarn made from wild stinging nettles in nepal. Our nettle yarn is not spun in Nepal contrary to what everyone thinks. The raw materials are sent to India where they are spun by our womens co-ops and families in very very deprived areas. Nettle yarn is also a moth repellant which is rather interesting! Suitable for knitting, crochet weaving, clothing, hammocks, exfoliating pads, dish cloths and more!

By purchasing these yarns you are supporting fair trade, sustainable working conditions and the continuation of ancient crafts in rural villages. 

Magical art yarns, magical people. See 'Our Yarn Journey' for more info on the craftspeople and women's co-ops who produce these yarns and how they are produced.  

Each 100g skein is approx 275 yards.

Handwash with light detergent. Lie flat to dry.