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Pina fibres, natural pineapple leaf fibres. Liniwan brown. Sustainable crafting and weaving.

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A unique textile fibre source for primitive crafts and fibre arts.

Cultivating pineapple fibres has been around for hundreds of years, but it is only in the last 20 years that there has been a surge in interest from eco friendly designers and crafters as a replacement for leather and synthetics.

There are two types of pineapple fibres. Bastos pineapple fibres which are a liht cream and a littler courser than these natural brown liniwan bundles. Liniwan pineapple fibres which are finer and softer in a natural brown. These are very hair like and are sometimes used in wigs and extensions as well as fabrics, book making, paper making, slow fashion fabrics, and leather alternatives.

After the harvest of pineapples the leaves are taken off the trunk and scraped using a plate to release the cellulose fibres. They are then dried. See image (curtesy of the Sustainable Fashion Collective.

Each 25g skein of pineapple fibres is approx 1 metre in length with hundreds of fibres in each bundle.