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Raw 100% pure Indian wool. Undyed, unprocessed, rugged wool. SOLD OUT

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Undyed raw and beautiful pure wool from India. This one is completely unprocessed. It is rugged and textured. Aran weight. You may find the occasional bit of straw. They are simply magical and natural!

Handmade by women in Northern India. Traditionally made in rural villages.

Each 100g skein is approx 150 yards. Undyed.

This pure new wool collection is produced from Indian sheep and not from the Himalayas like a lot of wool is. 

Our wool is produced from 2 or 3 types of different wool collected and spun from different breeds of sheep. Common breeds in India are Rampur Bushair and Gurez.

The wool has a beautiful texture. Different weights and colours available. 

In India these pure wools with a soft edgy texture are used to make blankets, clothing and high quality handmade carpets. It knits and crochets really well and would look super in a weaving!