Yarn Yarn

Rich linen fabric rolls. Hand embroidered wide strips of stunning linen. SOLD OUT

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Our new rolls are pure linen. Very rich linen fabric with hand embroidered detail. They are really rather special.

These linen rolls have been produced by women in rural India using traditional techniques. This is a sustainable crafting product made from waste destined for landfill. All our products have been fairly produced by women we have worked directly with in India. Women we have spent days with in their villages.

Yarn Yarn has been working with these groups of women, dying yarns, spinning yarns and producing beautiful colourful fabrics from waste for over 10 years now. Always researching and looking for the next yarn and craft supply we can save from landfill, use up waste and recycle everything we can find in India! By doing so we can keep ancient crafting alive, we can give rural and deprived village women work so that they do not have to move to the big cities and slums for work. They can live in the environment in which they grew up. Their children can go to the local schools. It is everything for them and with your purchase they can continue to make their products for you and I in the west and live a happy life with their families.

Each roll is approx 20 yards in length.