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Sari silk yarn, multicoloured, silk waste yarn, silk yarn.

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Multicoloured sari silk yarn. Made from waste!

These sari silk yarns are spun using a drop spindle in villages around Northern India. Spinning these yarns are their only source of income within these communities. By providing work, we keep their ancient traditions alive, we provide work in a socially responsible environment where no child labour is involved. We work directly with these women and families developing new colours and yarns from waste materials that would otherwise be destroyed! This is great news for us as yarn addicts because it adds a magical and inspirational spin to our creative endeavours. 

The colours of these silk yarns, their nature and textures are peerless. They are soft, handpsun and vibrant. They are also ethical, sustainable and recycled and we provide employment opportunities to alleviate poverty within the poorest of communities . We as a supplier and you as a customer are not only supporting these communities but we are saving waste from landfill!

This is a super yarn for knitting, crochet, weaving, making rugs, arts and crafts and more. Ethical, sustainable yarns made by talented artisans!

Each 100g skein is approx 65 yards.