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Water Hyacinth Fibres, chemical free, arts and crafts. Paper and basket making. Weaving.

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A unique textile fibre source. Known as the water menace in India as it grows like a weed in the waters and chokes everything else. 

This plant has been dried and braided to produce beautiful natural fibres. Not only does it offer us a chemical free textile to work with it also gives areas of India, particularly Assam employment and rids them of a weed put to better use!
 The making of braids and ropes within these communities have given sustainable employment to many.

Suitable for: Weaving, basket making, planters, coasters, place mats, paper making, furniture, vessels, handbags, wreaths, rugs, mats, garlands, poufs, fruit trays, trays, home decor and fibre arts and crafts. 

The braids are approx 3 to 4 mm wide. 

Please note these have been braided and measured by hand in India. The lengths of each variant may vary. 

5 metres - approximately 80g

20 metres - approximately 300g.