About us

Yarn Yarn was established in 2008.

We are an inspirational and ethical online yarn shop based in the UK selling eco-friendly and recycled yarns handmade by women's co-operatives and small communities in rural India.

At Yarn Yarn it is important that our creative endeavours have an ethical ideology. We want to connect our customers to the origins of the materials used in the creation of these ethical yarns and their traditional processes.

Harmonious colour spectrums, beautiful patterns and prints, each yarn has its own personality. We as a supplier and you as a customer are helping to alleviate poverty. We want to give back to these communities, use up waste and also keep ancient crafting traditions alive.

With every purchase our customers make, with every sale of our yarns and hand crafted products we aim to support and provide sustainable living within these communities. In many parts of India spinning yarns is their only source of income. By selling these yarns we give directly back to these artisans. We want to create a sustainable cycle of employment and women's empowerment. If we continue to buy these products these villages continue to survive. The artisans that make our products have a quality of life and do not need to go to the cities in search of work to live in slums.

Within our business model we have been helping to fund a local school where the children of these talented artisans attend. We have been supplying them with teaching resources, paper, pens, maps of the world and more. Before this they had none. Not even a pencil! 

Over the last 10  years Yarn Yarn has gained a following amongst the knitting, crochet, weaving, jewellery making, rug hooking and fibre groups all over the world who are looking for magical and inspiring yarns and craft supplies for their creative endeavours. Our yarns have been produced to our specifications where we work directly with the womens co-ops and families who make our yarns. Each yarn has been custom made for us depending on the availability of the raw materials used. These raw materials include recycled silk fibres and fabrics left over from sari manufacturing, organic khaki cotton, recycled banana fibres and organic peace silks. Our products provide countless crafting options for the fibre and hand crafting communities. Buy bags of silk waste collected from the sari mill floors in India and spin your own sari silk yarn! 

Yarns are produced in limited supplies due to their handmade nature so make sure you buy enough for your projects.

Do you have a big project you are working on? Do you have a yarn shop and would like to supply Yarn Yarn products? We have bulk buy discounts available.

 Buying yarn doesn't have to cost the earth!