Ethical yarns - Yarns with a positive impact on rural communities within India. Organic silk, nettle, sari silk ribbon, pineapple, organic cottons and more.

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Welcome to Yarn Yarn

Here at Yarn Yarn our mission is to provide handmade ethical yarns and craft supplies to creative communities worldwide. All our yarns are produced in remote villages in northern India by women we work with. See Our Yarn Journey for our direct involvement.

Our yarns are produced using traditional techniques in a safe working environment for our women and their families. Spinning yarns offer these marginalised communities regular work and fair wages where they can be financially independent. All our products have been consciously made. Without you there would be no work within these communities, without you there would be no yarns.

Sari silk ribbon, ribbon yarn, recycled yarn

Sari silk ribbon

Sari silk ribbon is a handmade unique ribbon yarn produced from recycled silk fabric left over from the sari manufacturing in...

Sari silk yarn, handspun silk yarn

Handspun silk yarn

A range of beautiful handspun silk yarns including organic peace silk, sari silk yarn, and mulberry silk yarns. All handspun...

Organic recycled yarns, handmade by our women's co-ops in India.

Organic and recycled Yarns.

Recycled handspun yarns including organic nettle, organic hemp, recycled super chunky recycled cotton yarn and more. Handmade by women's co-ops...

Banana yarn, vegan friendly yarn

Banana Yarn

Banana yarn is a unique chunky handspun yarn with a lovely soft texture and pearly sheen.  Chunky yarn suitable for weaving, knitting,...

Exclusive yarn range.

Exclusive yarn range.

Exclusive handspun yarns. All our yarns are handmade by talented artisans in rural areas of Northern India.

Ahimsa silk | Wild Silk

Ahimsa silk | Wild Silk

Ahimsa silk is handspun without the harming of the silk worm. It allows the completion of the metamorphosis of the silkworm to...


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