Banana yarn, vegan friendly yarn

Banana Yarn

10 items

Banana yarn is a unique chunky handspun yarn with a lovely soft texture and pearly sheen.  Make your ethical fashion pieces with...

Ethical craft supplies

Ethical craft supplies

8 items

Whether you are looking for a gift or a unique beautifully handmade craft supply here you will find inspirational handcrafted...

Exclusive yarn range.

Exclusive yarn range.

27 items

Exclusive handspun yarns. All our yarns are handmade by talented artisans in rural areas of Northern India.

Handspun yarns, free patterns.

Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns.

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Free crochet and knitting patterns using our ethical yarns. These are DIY patterns.  Produce your own sustainable fashion and accessories...

New in!

New in!

14 items

New in this week!  Sari silk ribbon, organic yarns, sari silk yarns, cotton yarns and more. All hand dyed and handspun...

Organic recycled yarns, handmade by our women's co-ops in India.

Organic and recycled Yarns.

19 items

Recycled handspun yarns including organic nettle, organic hemp, recycled super chunky recycled cotton yarn and more. Handmade by women's co-ops...

Sari silk ribbon, ribbon yarn, recycled yarn

Sari silk ribbon

21 items

Sari silk ribbon is a handmade unique ribbon yarn produced from recycled silk fabric left over from the sari manufacturing in...

Sari silk yarn, handspun silk yarn

Silk yarn, sari silk yarn

23 items

A range of beautiful handspun silk yarns including organic peace silk, sari silk yarn, and mulberry silk yarns. All handspun...