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Handtwisted newspaper yarn back in stock!

Our handtwisted recycled newspaper yarn is back in store in all different weights and yard options. You can buy a little or a lot!  See our Facebook page and Instagram for some of the crazy. Fiver artworks made with his yarn from artists all over the world. It is awesome!

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Peace silk yarns...

What is Peace Silk?Peace silk is where the silkworm breeding takes place under natural conditions. It is therefore known as peace silk, organic silk, Ahimsa silk. The silk worm is not killed to make the silk products. The production of peace silk yarn also allows the metamorphosis of the silkworm to a butterfly. The trees where the silk worm grows are not treated with insecticides or generic sprays. They grow naturally in the wild. Eri silk is the product of the silkworm that feeds on castor leaves. It is also known as endi or errand in India. It is a super soft woolly type  texture with a cashmere soft feel. This peace silk is a very popular fibre amongst vegans...

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Organic eri and wild tassar handspun silk back in stock end of the week!

For those of you waiting by the door for the new arrival of our very popular wild silk yarn... it is on its way and should be here by Saturday at the very latest! Order yours now it sells out fast... VERY fast! Our beautiful organic nettle yarn is on its way too! Handspun natural yarns all handmade in India in mud pots with a drop spindle!  Not only do we strongly support sustainable living, but we also aid the continuation of hand spinning keeping ancient crafts alive.

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