Sari silk ribbon evening purse. Free pattern!

Sari silk ribbon evening purse. Free pattern!

You only need 1 x 200g skein of sari silk ribbon to make this evening purse. Easy peasy. Strong and beautiful. 


Hook size 6.0mm UK or more. Keep it loose. 

Chain 17, single crochet second chain from hook to the end 16 stitches. 

Chain 1, turn. Single crochet 16 to the end, chain 1, turn. 

Continue to form a big rectangle 10 inches long approx. 

Double over and sew up side seams to make a pouch. 

Take a big wooden button attach middle top to one side of the bag. Other side make a loop, see my image, add single crochet strap approx 17 inches. tie to each end and leave strands loose, don't weave them in and you can even add more to give you side tassels! 

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