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Silk carrier rods for felting and textile arts and crafts.

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Bursting with personality! Unusual and unique silk carrier rods for arts and crafts.

Silk carrier rods are a by product of silk reeling.

When the silk reeling process occurs the silk filaments catch on the rods. A residue develops and builds arounf the rod and forms a hard formation so to speak! This formation is than slit off the rod to form what you see in the image, a beautful long tube known as a silk carrier rod. 

You can spin them, weave, cut, make paper, produce textile arts and crafts, embroider them into fiber art and they can also be felted. 

They are full of seracin so you need to warm them before manipulating them. 

We sell them undyed. They are very dye friendly if you wish to colour them!

Approx 6 inches long, but some will be shorter and longer. You can roll them out and the width is approx up to an inch, some wider. These are a natural product as you will know, so no two are the same!