Tussah peduncle silk carded fibre

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Produced from Peduncles of the Silk tussah Cocoons. Peduncles or the stick part of the tussah cocoons that attaches the cocoon to the tree has been removed from the cocoons and boiled in water, and then peduncle fibres are produce from that.

After the yarns has been manufactured from the Peduncles, the rest or the fiber part is combined and termed as Tassar-N Silk fiber. Its a naturally dark brown in color. Its totally organic product.

Produce 100 % wild silk yarn with these wild fibers!

Truly unique and definately inspirational silk..

Naturally colored Tassar Silk. These fibers are produced naturally in this color only, but can be dyed in any color I believe. Grown and processed by hand in India, the colors of the silk are from the tannin of the plants that the caterpillar eats. It has a distinctive smell indicating its minimal processing. A unique ethical fiber. The cocoons are grown in the wild unlike mulberry silk which is cultivated.

1 x 50g bundle

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