sari silk ribbon pattern

Crochet coaster basic DIY pattern!

Many of you have been asking me for a simple DIY pattern for the crochet coasters using the sari silk ribbon (any colour) so here goes!

You will need:

Crochet hook. I use a 10 mm keep the ribbon loose.

Sari silk ribbon yarn. 1 ball.  Any colours, same result. 


To make the round you can start with a magic circle, or make a slip knot. I like to use a chain as I think it is easier for beginners.

You can refer to Youtube videos for online help with this DIY pattern. I find it very very useful if you are just starting. If you google how to crochet a flat circle you will find a number of videos on youtube!


sl st - slip stitch

ch - chain

sc - single crochet


To make the loop: Chain 4

Insert hook into first chain to form a loop (circle)

Work into the centre of the circle you have made. First of all chain 2 (this acts as your first stitch. You will have 12 stitches in total so continue into the circle with 11 sc. Your ch 2 you have made acts as your first stitch (12 altogether).

Once you have completed your 11 more sc, insert your hook into the top of the ch 2 grab the yarn and pull it through and sl st to form your first round.

Chain 2 which acts as your first stitch in row 2. 

ROW 2: We need to increase the stitches. We increase the stitches by 12.

Start with your chain 2 which is classified as your first stitch. In the same space you have made that chain 2, add another sc. This acts as two sc in this stitch as an increase.

Add another 2 sc in the next stitch and 2 sc into the next stitch to the end of your round.

Insert your hook into the chain 2 space and pull through (sl st) and finish off. This will be 24 stitches which includes your chain 2 stitch.

This forms your coaster. Easy peasy! A coaster is made.  

Weave in ends.

You can make as many as you want!

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