Super soft beanie is crocheted using our handspun and hand dyed cotton and banana yarn. This yarn is so soft you will not believe it in your wildest dreams. See below for the DIY pattern: See our blog for all our patterns. Easy patterns to share with everyone!

You will need: 200g cotton and banana yarn. See our recycled yarn category.

The yarn is doubled up in the image to give a chunky look (2 skeins of 100g). 2 strands of yarn on hook. You can also just use one skein, but it won't be as chunky.

Chain 50, or how wide (circumference) you want the hat to sit on your head. This will be the size of your head :-)

Row 1 - Single crochet from second chain from hook (49 stitches).

Row 2 - 34 single crochet in the back loop of each chain (49 stitches) for 34 rows or how long and slouchy you want the hat to sit on your head.

Finish off. 

You will be left with a rectangle. Fold over and single crochet or slip stitch up the edge, this is your fundamental shape of the hat. 

Take new yarn and chain 50 (or how long you want your drawstring to be at the top of your hat. 


Single crochet in second chain from hook to the end (49 stitches).

Finish off.

Thread this cord (single crochet row) you have made into the top of your hat in regular intervals around the circumference of the hat. Tie together which will draw the hat together to form a beautiful pattern and shape at the top of your head. 


Unravelled you can use it as a cowl!


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