Many of you have been asking where you can find some patterns using our yarns. Here are some sites of interest! - Many of you will already know this site. A wealth of chat about yarns, patterns and knitting news! - There are many people who sell patterns on Etsy using sari silk yarn, sari silk ribbon and banana yarns amongst many more ethical recycled yarns. Have a search through, you may find one just up your street! - Pinterest is a site for uploading images, sorting, saving and managing images known as pins! Like a pin board! It is also a place for crafters to pin patterns etc. Do a search for sari silk yarn patterns or something to that ilk and you will be presented with a massive source of information.  

Any of you who would like to write a pattern for Yarn Yarn or would like to share their knitting or crochet patterns with our community please contact us here! We would love to hear from you!


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