Peace silk yarns...

Peace silk yarns...

What is Peace Silk?

Peace silk is where the silkworm breeding takes place under natural conditions. It is therefore known as peace silk, organic silk, Ahimsa silk. The silk worm is not killed to make the silk products. The production of peace silk yarn also allows the metamorphosis of the silkworm to a butterfly. The trees where the silk worm grows are not treated with insecticides or generic sprays. They grow naturally in the wild.

Eri silk is the product of the silkworm that feeds on castor leaves. It is also known as endi or errand in India. It is a super soft woolly type  texture with a cashmere soft feel. This peace silk is a very popular fibre amongst vegans as the silkworm is not boiled with the cocoon.

Muga silk was originally a silk only for royalty in India. It is a beautiful natural golden colour with a shimmering glossy texture. It is produced from the muga silk worm only in Assam in India. It is naturally organic and untouched by chemicals. It has been produced and harvested after the moth has hatched.

The muga silkworms feed on the leave sof Som and Soalu plants. This handspun silk yarn is often said to be as expensive as gold. Also known as a coveted item for wedding attire and traditional wear in India. It produces the most luxurious of shawls and wraps and can be knitted, woven and crocheted. I can't even describe how soft this yarn is and as for the golden colour hue. Simply an unusual and luxurious organic yarn.

Eri Silk Yarn - our naturally cream organic silk yarn.

organic silk yarn


Organic muga silk yarn - peace silk with an extraordinary golden sheen. Luxurious handspun silk yarn.

muga silk yarn


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