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Organic eri and wild tassar raw silk yarn.

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Eri and tassar silk yarn is an organic and wild silk. This natural born colour is produced where two types of silk worm feed on two different plants and the silk is then spun together. 

The eri yarn is organic and wild because there has been no detrimental effects to the silk worm in production of the yarn. This is a very unique silk yarn, rare and beautiful. This is the agent provocateur of yarn inspiring your creative ethical endeavours!

Tassar Silk is produced by the larvae of several species of silk worms found in wild forests eating off the trees they live on. 

In conventional cultivated silk the cocoons are boiled with the larvae still inside, however if the cocoons are boiled after the larvae have left them, the silk made is then called non-violent silk, wild silk, organic silk and Ahimsa Silk. The Eri silk worm is one of them. The eri silkworm is the only completely domesticated silkworm other than Bombyx mori

This Eri and tassar silk is unusual, beautifully variegated and lightweight and handspun in rural villages using ancient techniques. The production of this yarn has enabled these women and families to use their existing skills in their homes providing work in the most poorest parts of India. No chemicals were used in the production of these yarns. 

We sell this yarn in skeins of 100g approx which is approx 250+ yards in length.