Sari silk yarn and its production!

The making of sari silk yarn...

Our sari silk yarns are dyed in great big batts in back gardens of the homes of the women who spin it. 

The sari silk waste fibres are taken and added to these batts with the dye. 

They stir it with a big bamboo stick to assist the dying process and then they slap the silk fibres up onto an old fridge door (now there IS recycling)!

The silk fibres are then hung out to dry on their rooftops. It truly is a magical and recycled experience. Humbling and very hard work in the most intense heat of the Indian sun to produce these artisan yarns. 

It is then spun by the women of the household. 

The DIY crochet pattern for this scarf is free!

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I sew these yarns into my needle felted art. They add amazing colour and texture

Joan Robb

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