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Customer image gallery! Check out this work!

It is not all about knitting a scarf at Yarn Yarn. Certainly not! We have hummingbirds, we have hair pieces, vessels, bags, dreamcatchers, ceremonial gowns, strawberries and more. Just look at the talent and the originality in this work. Truly inspiring and truly unique!  

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Ravelry sari silk yarn patterns.

I have just been doing a little search on Ravelry. There are tonnes of patterns for accessories and shawls etc using sari silk yarn. You can find the link here. It is a great site brimming with lots of talent. We have many different colours of sari silk yarns on sale in our shop. Choose a yarn and follow a pattern on Ravelry.  Happy Crafting!

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Many of you have been asking where you can find some patterns using our yarns. Here are some sites of interest! - Many of you will already know this site. A wealth of chat about yarns, patterns and knitting news! - There are many people who sell patterns on Etsy using sari silk yarn, sari silk ribbon and banana yarns amongst many more ethical recycled yarns. Have a search through, you may find one just up your street! - Pinterest is a site for uploading images, sorting, saving and managing images known as pins! Like a pin board! It is also a place for crafters to pin patterns etc. Do a search for sari silk yarn patterns or...

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